How to Deal with Work Stress During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Work stress is a constant, but it’s proven to be a lot worse for some people during the coronavirus pandemic. Whether you’re navigating the new challenge of working from home from the first time or dealing with the stressors behind the new safety regulations of being on-site, it’s important to remember this obstacle – the virus and its repercussions – is a collective one that everyone is experiencing in some degree.

Although the anxiety may seem unmanageable, we, at 14220 at Park Row Apartments, are here to tell you that it’s completely possible to get your fear of the unknown – and stress surrounding it — under control. No one alive today has truly experienced a pandemic of this magnitude, but we can get through it together. That’s why we’re providing tips on naturally reducing your stress levels amid this public health emergency, especially if you’re one of the lucky Americans maintaining part- or full-time hours at your job.

Get in plenty of healthy food & sleep.

You needed to keep yourself mentally healthy & physically fit before the pandemic, and right now, it isn’t any different. Even though you may have dropped the work commute or extra hours at your place of business, you still need to maintain a consistent sleep schedule of seven to nine hours per night. Don’t let your bedtime schedule get too out-of-whack, either! And, while the Quarantine-15 is becoming familiar to many, you’ll need to make sure you’re getting a solid three meals a day with plenty of fruit, veggies, protein, healthy fats – oh, and water, too!

Communicate concisely and clearly.

Communicating remotely or playing telephone with a reduced staff has led to many frustrations for workers during the pandemic. Now, clear and concise communication is more important than ever before. With everything else going on, your mind may be a little distracted, so it’s important to keep your work tasks streamlined by asking plenty of clear-cut questions, finalizing your manager’s directions or standards, and remaining proactive about regular check-ins. With clear-cut instructions, the route to success won’t be as convoluted, which can nip a work-related stressor in the bud immediately.

Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize!

You can definitely keep your various tasks and workflows on track if you prioritize your assignments effectively. It will help you keep control of due dates, track your progress, and turn-in assignments in a timely manner. The best approach? Just keep a well-organized to-do list. It may be better to start with the smaller picture and plan your day, then you can move on to a week, or possibly even a month. Each day, you can take a look at your list to determine your workflow. Don’t forget that you’ll have unexpected things pop up – but whatever you do, don’t get frustrated! Try to take it one day at a time.

14220 at Park Row Apartments in Houston, Texas goes out of our way to ensure that you live the lifestyle you have always desired and deserved. These helpful tips go beyond the scope of services we offer in our community, in order to provide you with a more efficient routine.

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